Celebrate Rejections..!!!

Rejection in any form can be disheartening. It not only creates a cloud of doubt in your mind but also shatters your confidence. At some point, you must have come across people who don't think twice before rejecting a person for marriage, most of the time rejection is given on the very first call without even listening to the complete details of the prospective bride or groom.

We have heard Hundreds of reasons for matrimonial rejection. In 99% of cases, these rejections are based on a materialistic perspective. For example- Financial background, property, package, looks, lifestyle. If these calculations are in place then sometimes character, nature, compatibility, habits will come into the picture.

When the initial matrimonial search process begins most of the brides and grooms are still in their dream world, thinking their Mr. or Miss Perfect will enter their lives in a very filmy way.

Most of them even think “I can reject a person but no one can reject me for anything”. Fortunate ones find their dream partner in a short span. But these fortunate ones are very few. The remaining folks have to go through a lot of turmoil and at a certain point; rejection becomes a hard pill to swallow.

Sometimes the reasons seem valid but most of the time 'that final no' is based on some weird beliefs. In a traditional country like India where we respect our marriage values not less than god, we are seeing prospective brides and grooms rejecting each other without even thinking about the consequences.               

We have seen 80% of these prospects are in search of their life partner with a very negative attitude. The blame game remains the final product of this process.  Do you all really think with this negative approach even if you contact alliances, you will get expected replies?? Unfortunately, the answer is No. We all know the law of action and reaction. The same thing applies here.           

Dear brides and grooms, having expectations and high priorities in your matrimonial search is absolutely fine. It is a personal choice and decision. You are rejecting few profiles, the same way others are rejecting your profile. 

If you want to be firm with your choices and priorities then stop this Blame Game and try to accept rejections open-heartedly. Do not lose your confidence and patience during this journey. Remember, at some point,” Rejections are really good for life. It is a deep dive for self-realization “.   Be optimistic and Celebrate Rejections.

  4th May, 2021