FREE or Quality Service?????

1) Matrimonial Web Sites are doing "Good business"!

2) They have given a bad name to arranged marriages, turning them into business deals!

3) Helping someone to find their life partner is such a noble cause. Why can’t they do it for free??

4) Why these matrimonial websites are running behind money?

          People have Hundreds of such questions in their minds when they plan to register their matrimonial profile on matrimonial websites.  This cycle exactly goes like this;-

           Initially, these alliances start searching for matrimonial websites through social media. They visit thousands of websites. Wherever there is free registration or a user-friendly interface, they will register their matrimonial profile and proceed with the different websites.  They don’t even bother to note it down where all they have enrolled their matrimonial profile. 

          Once the registration process is complete, the second process is searching for suitable matches. If they don’t find any suitable matches for themselves, they will leave the website without informing for any delete request to that particular matrimonial website. Now the next process is very interesting. Wherever they find suitable matches, they will be eager to see their contact details. Unfortunately, when they get to know subscription fees are mandatory to check contact details, their enthusiasm goes down. Now the real blame game starts towards matrimonial websites.

             Dear clients, before opting for free or cheap services, you need to be aware of the quality of services those websites are giving.  In today’s world, nothing is free. No one serves for free unless there is some profit in any form. Everything has its cost. Matrimonial website will also have some expenses for software maintenance, data management, data updating, Staff management, marketing cost, and other expenditures. I would say it is a pure profession. There is no question of charity.

There are some portals which are giving free service to all the clients.

Just imagine free service means your confidential data will be visible to everyone who is visiting the website. Free services sound very interesting initially, but calls from unnecessary profiles become a real headache. There are incidences where you will have to entertain unknown visitors to your house without any intimation.

At the cost of free service, your data would be shared with marketing companies who would use your data for advertisement. If the service is free, there won’t be staff, customer care, data verification, data validation, and even profiles won’t be deleted. In the name of free service, you would be wasting your valuable time calling people who are already married or on wrong numbers, and the insult you would face would be in addition to it.

              To be very specific about “Saptapadi-Vivah”! Yes, we too give free service but not at the cost of your safety.

On Saptapadi Vivah matrimonial website, one can register their profile for free. But contact details like full name, phone number, postal address, and email id will be visible only to paid members. Those who are genuine and serious about their marriage take paid membership and can contact suitable profiles. Other free members are just increasing our database. Few lucky once receive a call from paid members.

For your safety, our website is HTTPS compliant and is fully secured for online payments, No one can copy your photo from our website so you can be assured, that your data is safe in our hands.

            We at Saptapadi Vivah regularly contact our clients for profile verification as well as for data updating.  The positive response from our paid members and increasing success stories itself is a victory for us.

            Dear brides and grooms, before you register your profile on any random matrimonial website just because it is free, kindly check the security systems that the particular website is following. 

          No doubt Saptapadi Vivah is a paid website, but we charge for the service we provide. For us, your safety is our top priority.

  13th May, 2021

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