Matrimony Search

 Marriage is considered to be the most sacred sanskar among the 16 sanskars that have been mentioned in our Hindu culture. Marriage  as per the Hindu tradition is treated as the union of not just the bride and groom but also two different families.
       If we analyse the entire process of arranged marriages through the ages , the old pattern versus the new becomes evident . In older times the bride and groom would blindly accept their elder’s decision and would get married.  Parents and relatives would focus on various factors which were considered suitable for a good marriage alliance  . For example – family background , social standing of the bride or groom, their habits ,  status, financial condition and cultural atmosphere of the family were taken into account to check compatibility. This is how  marriages would get fixed. Times have changed . The new generation marks a new chapter in the  age old traditon of match making . The marriage equations have changed owing to the technology driven New Age that we live in . 
In today’s times the  bride and groom choose to meet each other first  and if they like each other ,  their families proceed with other formalities.   
None the less, the entire process of search hasn’t  changed except that now we have technology to back it up.  For instance, instead of direct communication through some traditional matchmaker,  technology serves this purpose now.  Marriage websites, apps, and social media have replaced the traditional match-makers. Technology makes matrimonial search  very easy.  Finding a suitable alliance is now at people’s finger tips .
Although technology has widened the scope of the search , finding the perfect match and tying the marriage knot is far from easy. Higher  education leading to growing expectations ,  micro family status, self-centeredness and of course ego  come as hurdles in this journey. 
Differences in expectations of the parents and  prospective bride/groom themselves leads to rejection of good matching profiles.Lack of clear communication within the families is the root cause of this problem . Thus a practical and clear understanding of expectations , emotional , financial , social is vital in the persuit of a suitable match . The cart of marriage runs smoothly when both its wheels run together . Marriage is a beautiful arrangement that teaches us the meaning of love , togetherness and dreams , but for this to become a reality , finding that perfect other wheel is critical . A search for finding a life partner is a search for finding balance in life and  this is possible only if the individual is able to prioritise and work on  understanding his or her emotional and familial needs. 

  19th September, 2020