Problems faced while searching suitable match


  1. Generation Gap between parents & prospect bride/groom:  There is a generation gap and hence no proper communication. Parents shortlist for their son /daughter on their own presumptions, which are rejected by their son/daughter and vice versa. Parents have to discuss with their sons & daughters about their expectations and try to close the gap.
  2. People Reject Profiles on the basis of Photo:  Photos do not fully show the personality of the person. Sometimes photos are made up, and some people are not at all photogenic.  Photo can reflect 20 % of the persons presonality.
  3. Setting Too Many Short listing criteria’s :  Normally people set too many shortlisting criteria’s , like age, height, Religion, caste, sub caste, place, income, looks, fairness, gotra, kundali match,  profession , job or business etc. If so many criteria’s are set to shortlist in the first place then there will be very few left and the chances of marriage happening will be very low.
  4. Unreasonable Expectations: Expectations are normally contradictory like girls parents expect the boy to have good job in mnc, own house in metro without loan and with age difference of 2-3 years with girls age being 24. Boys family wants a girl who would take care of their family but the boy wants a modern girl who should be educated and career oriented. How can you expect a modern educated & career oriented girl to be house wife. We need to first understand our nature , and then set expectations of partner who would be a suitable match.
  5. Asumptions due to negative experience:  Because of some negative experience some people start thinking that it is true for all cases.  Like if my son is engineer, MBBS or doctor girls will reject.  If my son is doing job ,business family will reject etc.
  6. Becoming Negative because of negative experience and rejection:  Lot of people get into negative zone due to rejections. If you start acting from negative, with a perception that when I call people they will reject, rejection is what you will get.  We always like to be in company of positive people, same way when people receive your call for a marriage proposal, the positivity that you are talking with, will make the difference.  
  20th January, 2019