Questions You Need to ask before Marriage

Marriage is a major step, and there are many things you need to consider before you say “Yes”.

Most of us are lucky enough to spend at least a little while with our partner before agreeing to get married. We get to flirt, go on adventures and get to know each other for a week or months or even years.

Even though many of us feel extremely close to our partner, as we approach marriage, oftentimes we avoid some subjects because they are uncomfortable, or sometimes we are not aware of the reality.

Whether you are on the verge of getting married, or you have just begun to talk about it with your partner, there are some questions you simply need to discuss with your partner before deciding whether or not marriage is the right choice for you.


1.            What kind of family traditions would your partner want to implement?

2.            Where do we see our Lives Going after Marriage?

3.            What are our Thoughts on Children?

4.            How do we Handle Stress?

5.            How do we Handle Conflict?

6.            What are our opinions on Gambling, Drugs, and Alcohol, and do we accept it?

7.            How will we Manage Finances?

8.            What would happen if we experienced a Change in Work-Life?

9.            Do We Accept Change from the Other, After Marriage?

10.          How Important is social status and self Grooming after Marriage?

 Marriage vows are one of the deepest commitments you can make to your life partner. To ensure you will have a long, healthy, and happy relationship with your partner, you need to be open and honest with each other. Even if it means asking the toughest questions.

  4th May, 2021