Sagotra Lagna

       Mr & Mrs. Pathak had visited my office once for their elder daughter Reena. Reena was 33 years old and was not able to find a suitable match. When I enquired about their other family details, I came to know, Reena has a younger sister, who was married and was the mother of a 2 years old child.

   Quiet surprised, I asked, “how come her younger sister got married so early?” Mr. Pathak explained “ she had a love marriage, now worried about Reena. Can you suggest some good profiles for her??”

       Certainly, we had many matching profiles as per their expectations. Among many choices, I felt Nitin was a perfect match for Reena. When I told them about Nitin and his overall background, they were really happy. Reena had liked Nitin’s photo too. After exploring kundali details, Mr. Pathak looked a little disappointed. He simply said “ we can not go ahead with this profile because both the families belong to the same gotra. So this is not the right match.

         Their series of rejections did not end here. Every profile they were exploring, they were judging on either package or other horoscope details like moon sign, star, Nadi, or gotra. Of course, the end outcome would be a rejection and ultimately frustration.

      I asked Mr. Pathak one more question, “did you check these minute details during your younger daughter's time also?” Mr. Pathak

Very proudly and confidently he said, “No way, as it was a love marriage, we did not go to check kundalis or any other traditional calculations.”

    Immediately I asked. “Why don’t you think over Nitin’s profile? anyway, kundalis are matching and you both belong to completely different families so what is the problem? Unfortunately, Mr. Pathak was bound by his rigid thoughts over gotra.


     I don’t have any superficial knowledge about astrology so don’t want to go into depth about it. One thing I want to comment on is “Gotra”.

       I asked Mr. and Mrs. Pathak “ do you know what exactly  is gotra ?” Immediately he said, “ yes gotras are Rishimunis, sages from satyuga. We all are their respective clan. That’s why it is not allowed because brides and grooms from the same gotra will be like sisters and brothers. So we don’t want to proceed with it”.

        Fine I completely agree with Mr. Pathak. What he narrated was certainly a real fact. Gotra defines its clan that traces its origin from Rishis or sages from satyuga. It represents an unbroken male hereditary line traced to that of a male ancestor. So ideally brides and grooms from the same gotra were not allowed to marry because on a genetic level their offsprings will have some physical and mental abnormalities which is scientifically true.

      Now the practical point is these rishi munis are from satyuga. We are living in kali yuga. In between, there were tretayuga and dwaparyuga.

Tentatively lakhs of years have passed from satyuga to kali yuga. And we all know this transition was not very smooth. Many outside invasions have taken place in our country, so many men and women were forced to change their dharma nevertheless love marriages and intercaste marriages have been a part of our changing culture for so many years.

     Now you tell me is it possible to judge the purity of each gotra? Is it practically possible?

     From a medical perspective, it is always better not to marry anyone from the same family or a very closely related family. There are chances it can lead to genetically challenged offspring. But two completely different families with the same gotra will not have any complications. It is been proved, so many couples around us are living a happy life and have healthy offsprings.

   Mr. Pathak was thoughtful. At the end of our conversation, he softly whispered, “I guess Nitin is  perfect for Reena.”

  31st May, 2021

Vikas sattigeri


8th June 2021 04:48:28am

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