SaptapadiVivah- Parents Its Your Turn Now..

  • Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020
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SaptapadiVivah- Parents Its Your Turn Now..

When it comes to marriage and compatibility bride and grooms are thinking from a very limited perceptive. But " Marriage isn't finding a perfect person rather it is about seeing an imperfect person perfectly." Dear Parents its Your Turn Now… Share your experiences, your stories about challenges that you have faced, and the glory of your marital journey .... Which can turn into a great Inspirational source for our bride and grooms..... So what are you waiting for …. What is your Inspirational story..??
आजकालची एकूणच परिस्तिथी पाहता लग्न होण्यात विलंब तर आहेतच पण त लग्न टिकवण्यातही खूप challanges आहेत . अशा वेळी कोणी जर ह्या भरकटलेल्या पिढीचं मार्गदर्शन करू शकत तर ते आपले वडीलधारे मंडळीच .

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