The right age for a woman to get married

Relationship’s survival can be determined by communication skills, teamwork, and by sticking to each other during bad times. One important consideration to make before tying the knot is “Age.” Especially the “Age of the Bride".

People with different mindsets may say different things.

But according to my knowledge for a female, 24 to 27 is the best age to get married.


1.            At this age you would be a degree holder and be financially independent.

2.            At a younger age you are more flexible and can adjust to each other. As you age, it can be difficult to adjust to your life partner. In short, you’re more adaptable and adjusting when you're young. There are more chances of your marriage working when you're tolerant and understanding towards each other.

3.            Due to change in food and lifestyle, fertility has reduced hence it is best to have your first kid from age 25 to 29 Years

4.            When you are young it's easy to manage kids and after 35 -40, it becomes more difficult. The more you delay, the more it may hurt you and your child in unknown ways.

5.            Child’s health is affected a lot because of the health and age of the mother. The younger you conceive, the better for the child in long term (NO, I didn't mean 18).

6.            Think about your kid’s future, you’ll be there in their life much longer. Imagine having a kid at the age of 25, you would be 50 by the time they finish their education and be somewhat independent. But if you have kids at 35 they’ll be just 15 when you reach 50.

Possibilities of life and death cannot be determined early but still, it would be nice to be tension-free at the age of 50, thinking that your kid has finished education and now independent. You can be more relaxed about their future. That helps you to have a healthy and stress-free life.

7.            Nowadays in some women infertility can show up at 30+ age. They may never have any symptoms and hence it’s better to be careful.

8.            There are times when marriages go terribly wrong. An early marriage gives you much more time & chance to work on the relationship or restart a new relationship.

           According to a few people “Age is just a number, instead of the right age, the right time is more important”. Yes, I agree, Right time is important because the person should be matured enough to understand the meaning of marriage and can take responsibility for his/her partner. But in a holistic sense, for a woman, getting married at the right age can solve many problems to maintain her physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

  4th May, 2021