Traditional v/s Modern matrimonial search

Traditional match-making is so deeply ingrained in our Indian society, that many of us still have a lot of resistance towards matrimonial websites. Traditional matchmakers or marriage bureaus are one of the first choices among all brides & groom’s parents. Most of these alliances register their matrimonial profile in the local marriage bureau.

       It is but obvious that the area of coverage would be limited & matrimonial profiles would be exposed to few profiles from a limited area. Filtration of profiles through traditional file searching becomes tedious and time-consuming work. In addition to it, maintaining office hours of that particular marriage bureau is a bit difficult task for these alliances with their hectic professional commitments.

      As we all know, technology has changed everybody’s life. In this internet era, matrimonial sites can be the real pathfinder if you explore and learn its operations. You can register your matrimonial profile, shortlist matching profiles as per your expectations, and directly communicate with suitable profiles. And guess what? All this can be possible in your leisure time and at your convenience. All you require is a positive attitude to learn and explore new possibilities related to matrimonial websites.

            In short online matrimonial websites versus traditional matchmaking is like using an electronic calculator versus an abacus. They both can give you accurate results if used properly. But one of them is obviously faster and easier in the modern age.

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  12th April, 2021